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Adam Hellicar

Owner of Ocean Explorations whale watching - Victoria BC Canada. Keeps handy a Nikon F90 with a 80-200 f2.8 lens - Antarctica 2004

E-mail: adam@whalephotography.com


Kurt Westle

Since 1995 - Captain Kurt has taken countless guests out to see the Killer whales of Southern Vancouver Island.

E-mail: kwestle@hotmail.com



Mark Malleson (Mallard)

Mark has clocked thousands of hours operating a Prince Of Whales zodiac from Victoria, B.C. Canada. Gallery 1 ****New!! Gallery 2 pics 2003

E-mail: markmalleson@hotmail.com Check out marks site: www.killerwhalephotography.com


Gary Woodward

Gary is one of Victoria's premier photographers. Biggest lense on the water, really its huge! - really unique photos. Contact gary for comercial use of any of his images.

E-mail: gwphotography@shaw.ca


Matt Pope

Matt guides a Ocean Explorations Zodiac from Victoria, B.C. Canada. Matt also spends time in Antarctica, working for Quark Expeditions.

E-mail: mattpope@gmail.com check out his site www.philoterra.com


Antony Dickinson

His love for the marine environment led to his career as a West Coast naturalist and Guide who captures these rare moments with his camera.

E-mail: antonydickinson@hotmail.com


Jaclyn Mcphadden

Jackie is a marine biologist and an experienced guide - she has spent many hours with the killer whales off Vancouver Island and the animals of the Arctic and Antarctica.

E-mail: whalegirl@gmail.com


Reuben Mills

Reuben is an engineer who digs spending time on the water with his dog Buddy. He takes pictures and builds boats for fun!

E-mail: reuben33@hotmail.com


Jo-Anne Lacroix

I'm the lucky one who can truly say "I love my job, am passionate about my subject" and have decided to capture the images that make me smile.

E-mail: jo@whaleshots.com


Natalie Brown

Through the years of living on Maui, Natalie Brown has spent countless patient hours trying to capture the best possible images of Humpback whales.

E-mail: info@nataliebrownphotography.com




last updated: October 12, 2015